Going with the flow

At last it was Saturday (3rd) and the prospect of the promised warmer weather beginning in the morning was on my mind. I had set my alarm (just in case) for I wanted to arise early but as it happened I was awake long before it was due to go off. My plan was to purchase some pipe lagging then return home and begin to fit it. The initial work would be done in the gym/boiler room where I planned to continue with the decorating. Some time ago we purchased the same lagging but it was only enough to cover part of the pipework. Now we wanted to continue that work. The insulating lagging isn’t cheap to purchase at £205 for two boxes to cover almost 100 metres. Yes there are a lot of pipes which require replacement insulation. We chose, as last time, the higher grade insulation but though it is more than twice the price it gives better insulation with less heat loss. It also lasts longer. Most of it would be used outside of the room we were decorating and should be enough for the job. We had thought we could collect it there and then but it isn’t kept at the outlet and would be delivered the following Monday. It didn’t matter for there was plenty of other work to be going on with. However it was now after eleven o’clock and we decided to put off that work until after lunch. Instead, we went into the garden and I removed the main part of the windbreaks I had fitted to protect the plants a few days earlier whilst E had prepared and hung out a ball of bird food and some bird seeds. It wasn’t long after that we returned indoors for lunch. Then it was time to do a little something in the cellar room. I patched up some holes with plaster and then continued with painting the ceiling and walls. We wanted to change the colour of the doors (aside from the main PVC one leading out to the garden) to anything but the colour they were. E rooted through our paint stock and came up with this….

Salmon pink! To be fair I wanted a bright yellow but we didn’t wish to purchase paint when we have plenty of it in storage. It might get painted over or not, we’ll have to wait and see. E is painting the doors so I will leave the decision to her. This was as far as we got on the day as we didn’t want to do much work anyway.

Shirley Anne