Slow but sure

I was so keen to begin work again on Monday that I made it my business to be up early to get on with it. My or should I say our latest project is decorating the gym/boiler room though E has not been too involved in the work. That is mainly due to her limited ability because of her condition. Though she may be willing there is little she can do. Having said that she has painted one of the internal doors. On Saturday she began painting the door in a salmon pink colour but after discussion we decided red would be a more suitable colour.  We had some left over from my painting the front lounge ceiling detail last summer. 

On the left-hand wall just below the pipes I manufactured and fitted a door stop first thing after breakfast but the main area of work during the morning was in the corner around the treadmill.

Of course I had to raise the treadmill to its vertical position and cover it with sheets as you can see. In the next picture you can see the ceiling and wiring I was working on.

The wiring on the wall and ceiling needed fixing securely for much of it was simply dangling. There were large holes in both the wall and the ceiling which needed filling and that took much time to do. Before those repairs can be painted over they will need skimming over again. My intentions are to work slowly but surely around the room and completing each small area as I go. Whilst I was doing that work E was painting the door. After lunch E didn’t join me as there was nothing she could do. I however concentrated on painting around the entrance door, that part of the ceiling up to and above the up-righted treadmill and the wall adjacent to it before the paint ran out. By now it was four o’clock and I thought it not worth continuing by opening a new can of paint so I stopped work for the day. We had a delivery of pipe insulation but only one carton had been sent, something to do with them not having it all in stock. The second was promised on Tuesday instead.

The carton contains 48 x 1 metre lengths of insulation.

Shirley Anne