Downward entropy

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pi...
First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pitsak, a Medieval Armenian scribe and miniaturist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many things you cannot guarantee but you can guarantee one thing….One day you will die. The way some people live you would suppose they are thinking they will live forever…..but obviously they won’t. It is as though they are chasing after the wind without a thought about where they are heading. They are focused on living in the here and now and don’t realise it will all come to a sudden end. What will they have achieved? (Mark 8:36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?). Want something that will last forever? Read on…

Shirley Anne


The prophet Isaiah spoke of the nearness of the righteousness and salvation of God. His arm, or his power, will go forth in judgment, but that same power will be used to deliver and save those who trust in him. Though the prophecy about God’s righteousness drawing near “speedily” (v. 5) refers to the Jews returning from exile in Babylon, the rest of this stanza (vv. 4–6) clearly looks beyond that event.
Just as judgment lies with God alone—he alone sets the standards of justice, righteousness and holiness in the universe according to his good character—so too does salvation lie with him. God alone has the power to truly save, for he saves his people from the very judgment that he will execute in the world.
This text reminds readers that the entire cosmos is in a state of downward entropy; things are getting worse and worse and will continue to do so. Just as humans have been, so God’s creation has also been mired and corrupted by sin. While the earth will pass away, God’s salvation will stand forever. This salvation is accomplished through Jesus and Jesus alone; indeed, salvation was and is his mission on earth. God shows his eternal commitment to save those who trust in him through the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Salvation, then, can only be had through Christ. This is why the New Testament echoes the fact that “salvation belongs to our God” (Rev 7:10).
Jesus, we can see the world getting more and more broken as we near the day of your return. Thank you for giving us a hope that shines at the end of this tunnel. May we live in service to that hope. Amen.

Taken from NIV The Jesus Bible

Shirley Anne