Coming along nicely

Everything I did on Wednesday concerned wood. I started work at nine-thirty, a bit later than of late for a change. I had retired to bed early the previous night for I had been very tired but was feeling quite refreshed now and keen to get on with the work in hand. I cut the timber for the frame I was constructing around the boiler and assembled it. The work of cutting all the cross-halving joints was quite time-consuming but necessary if I wanted a sturdy job. By the time I had finished that work it was time for lunch. I had been wondering which was the best way to cover the now constructed frame to allow access to everything it was to cover. I needed to see what suitable sheets of plywood I had in storage in the garage so that was my first task after lunch. I found a couple of large sheets (8 ft x 4 ft) both in the same condition, covered in places with cement which had stuck to them during other work we had been doing over the past few years. No matter, I dragged one of them into the cellar and cut it to size before cleaning off the cement. It looked new once the cement had gone. I pinned it on the frame temporarily and at that point stopped work for the day…

I sat and thought about my next move. The sheet would be cut into two halves and be fitted as doors. The two remaining areas beneath and to the sides of the boiler would be done the same way making four doors opening for complete access. The two side panels would each be cut into two pieces both of which would be screwed into place for easy removal should that ever be necessary. Still some way to go yet and then I have to start work on the room cupboard.

Shirley Anne