Got dragged away

The plan for Friday was to get the boiler surround finished off, at least the construction of it. I had arrived downstairs before eight o’clock and soon after breakfast I went into the cellar to begin work. My first task was to take down the large panel I had cut and temporarily fitted the day before and then cut it in half to make the two doors. I fitted the hinges and after some manipulations finally got the two doors in place. For something so simple it turned out not to be so easy as I thought it might have been. It was around that time E came into the room with a very welcome coffee. She asked if I could accompany her as she had to take her computer in for repair. I agreed to go with her and downed tools. To be quite honest I was getting a little annoyed that the fitting of the doors had been a bit frustrating at times so was happy to take a break. She had decided to take her machine to a workshop in the next small township eight miles away. Seemingly she had problems with the one nearest to where we live and wanted to try somewhere else. We took the van and soon we located the shop and left the computer with them. As we needed door furniture for the work I was doing and a few other items we went shopping for them before returning home. It was lunch time by the time we arrived so it was at least another hour before I could do any more work. That work was to cut the two side doors and fit the furniture for the four doors. Finally, again after some difficulty, we (for E had decided to lend a hand) got to this stage..The side doors have been deliberately designed not to reach the floor for ventilation purposes. All that I need to do now is to cut and fit the side panels and that should be the end of that work except for the decoration.

Shirley Anne