Galloping on

It was the last day of March, the day before Easter Day and I had planned to do part or all of two electrical jobs at home before taking Sunday off from work. I therefore arose early for breakfast before driving off to the electrical supplier for the materials I would need. A couple of weeks ago I had replaced the old fluorescent light unit in E’s workshop at the top of the house but she needed another which she could switch on independently from the first. I had to purchase the new LED light for that work. I had the rest of the materials I would need in my stock. The second job was to start the work of installing two 5 amp power outlets for table lamps in the main hallway downstairs. I had those in stock too but I needed other things, a time switch, a photocell unit, pattresses, some extra cable and sundry items. Pattresses are the back boxes on which switches and power outlets can be mounted if it is a surface installation. The pattresses would otherwise be metal boxes recessed into the wall. These two jobs were surface installations especially the work in the cellar for the brick walls down there are not rendered with plaster. The main part of installing the circuitry and supplies for the two 5 amp power outlets would be carried out in the cellar rooms beneath the hallway. On my return home from the supplier E and I had a coffee and then we carried all the necessary materials, tools, ladder and vacuum cleaner to the top of the house and I began installing the new light and circuitry. Here is the finished work……  The second picture is the newer light and its switch is on the wall right of centre and to the left of a white card standing there. The supply was taken from the adjacent loft area shown here with the door open..

This is the area I wrote about in which there is a water storage tank and hot water cylinder. The new unpainted door leads into the workshop where the new lights are. It was one-fifteen and time for lunch when I finished the work. Soon after lunch I began the work in the cellar for the other job. 

In the picture above the grey illuminated switch supplies the rear floodlights outside all of which are LED’s so there is little power consumption. The switches below it are the switches for the individual circuits to those lights. To the left is a wide white plastic trunking to accommodate the wiring and to its left is a new pattress box and wooden board I fitted on the day. It will house the new time switch for controlling the 5 amp power outlets in the hallway. A photocell unit will be fitted outside to work in conjunction with the time switch and the cable for that can be seen hanging loosely on the right ready for running out to supply it. In the picture below the roll of cable hanging by the door frame was positioned at the other end in the new pattress ready for connecting and clipped to the yellow wall shown.

The roll will be run out to the first 5 amp power outlet position and from there continue to the second outlet…….but all that would be done on Monday as by then it was four-thirty and I’d had enough for one day

Shirley Anne