Tuesday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things once again didn’t go to plan on Tuesday. Following on from yesterday’s post I had plans to do certain things on Tuesday but nothing went the way I had planned. Yes, work was done but it could have been better in its execution. The main problems started when I arose rather later than I had expected. I had been rather tired when I went to bed just after midnight. I don’t usually retire at such a later hour but I had been watching a particular and interesting program which didn’t end until midnight. Often as not when I stay up too long I get ‘doll’s disease’ a condition in which my eyes automatically close shut if I recline too far on the sofa! Do you remember dolls which did the same? Joking apart it all meant that what I had planned happened later than I had expected. It was raining heavily for a time but I had to take the walk to the surgery to hand in my blood pressure results as I had promised the doctor I would do so. Once that was done I walked to the chemist to collect my prescription medications before returning home. As I hadn’t eaten breakfast beforehand I ate a little something and then with E’s well-needed assistance tackled the fitting of the replacement shower glass panel. It didn’t go well because we were attempting to install it the wrong way! Eventually E saw the problem and we started over, doing it right this time. Finally we got it in place but by now it was way past lunchtime. After lunch we sat and watched some catch-up tv together until four o’clock. I did do some preparatory work on the wall in the cellar storage room so that I could get started on rendering the wall the next day.

I coated the end wall with a silicone sealant and then screwed four battens to it. These will make it easier to apply the cement render and also make it reasonably level!

Shirley Anne