Just takes time…..

It just takes time especially if you are shall we say an amateur. Well I have to admit that for the many jobs I tackle I am indeed an amateur but I am an experienced amateur all the same. I think experience counts a lot and skills can only be improved by actual hands-on experience. The more we do certain things in fact anything at all the better we get at doing them. Even very experienced people get as the saying goes ‘rusty’ if they lay off doing things for long periods. I remember when working as an electrician for the supply industry I used to get rusty now and then when I hadn’t done certain things such as working with conduit or mineral-insulated cables. It was bending the conduit accurately and stripping off the exterior copper on the mineral-insulated cables which I found I had to spend a little more time in doing in order to get it right. Now it has been a long time since I applied a render to a wall whether that was plaster or cement. They are not the things I have needed to do on a regular basis. Those who do it for a living on the other hand will find it easy, that’s why they are professionals in their disciplines. Anyway I don’t make excuses for the work I attempt but at least I have a go! As my readers will know my latest project or rather part of it has been to render a wall in the storage room down in the cellar. Not being confident in doing it all in one go, for I know my limitations, I partitioned the wall using wooden battens and applied the render in stages. On Thursday morning (10 th) I began the work and the following day I reached this far with it.Aside from the top portion the base coating is done. It is anything but level of course and that was intended, the wall will be skimmed over when it has dried out to allow that. I also need to remove the battens later and fill in the spaces they leave. It takes time but time I have a plenty!

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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