Dragging on a bit

It was Monday (16) again at last and I could get on with the work in the cellar. I must admit that this particular project seems to be dragging on a bit insomuch as I don’t feel I am making progress fast enough. First of all I had those large holes in both the walls and ceiling to contend with which took quite some time to complete when I filled them in. Unfortunately the holes couldn’t be filled in one go but had to be done in stages. The same principle applies with rendering the wall and that is why I say it is dragging on. Even though it has taken days for me to get anywhere with the rendering I have made progress and at the time of writing all that needs to be done is to skim over it in places. I took this picture soon after I had finished for the day.

It looks dark because it is still wet. If I am able to skim over it tomorrow, that is Tuesday, it will take a further two or three days to dry out, maybe even four or five. I will be able to continue with the decoration of the rest of the room while it dries and then I will be able to seal the wall and later on again paint it. That may all be delayed a little as I may fill in the holes in the floor of the room and carry on doing the same in the gym whilst I am working with the cement. If my readers will remember I did mention I intended doing something with the floor in the gym. We have decided to paint the floor in there so it needs some filling in beforehand. Monday afternoon turned out bright and sunny and all I wanted to do was sit out on the patio to enjoy it. That I managed to do for a while. As the weather gets better I will want to be outside more often though not just to sit about doing nothing, I have a couple of outdoor projects to keep me occupied in the months ahead.

Shirley Anne