Shall I or not?

Reluctant to begin the day on Tuesday, that would be the 17 th, I lay there in bed making all sorts of excuses to remain there. However, lying in bed too long is not something I find easy to do so up I got though still reluctantly. The promise I made myself the day before was to skim over the wall I had rendered and for some reason I didn’t want to. Perhaps I had enough of the mixing of cement and wanted a rest from it. I eventually arrived downstairs for breakfast but made no effort to start work afterward. E came into the room around nine-thirty and as she sat down to her breakfast we watched tv. Before breakfast I had placed some articles in the washing machine and now they were ready to hang up to dry. The day was damp with the odd spot of rain now and then so the washing had to be hung up in the cellar. I did that and whilst down there I looked in on the work I had done the day before. I still couldn’t make up my mind whether to continue with it and went upstairs. With thoughts of ‘shall I or shall I not’ running around in my head I finally gave in and donned my overalls. I was now decided and off I went to skim the wall. I spent an hour or so trying to level it all off but didn’t succeed completely though it was far better than the way I had left it the day before. I was satisfied that it was good enough but then changed my mind and decided I would go over it again where it was necessary but using plaster next time. It wouldn’t need much plaster to fill-in the odd few spots and there was plenty of plaster in storage for the job. Having cleaned all the tools and buckets I returned upstairs happy that I had made the effort instead of letting the day pass-by without doing what I knew needed to be done.

Shirley Anne