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English: Shopping list chiseled on a rock.
Shopping list chiseled on a rock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had been such a lovely warm, even hot summer’s day on Wednesday  but of course it wasn’t summer was it? Thursday was almost exactly the same and I wanted to go for an early walk before doing any work on the cellar room project. It was surprisingly warm when I started off from home even though I had left early. Two hours later I returned and had a light breakfast. E in the meantime was getting dressed to go for the weekly shopping. Finishing breakfast I put on my overalls and was about to start work painting the ceiling and walls in the cellar storage room when I heard a groan. E was standing in the hallway semi-paralysed with a severe back pain and could hardly move. Her back problem occasionally renders her incapacitated though fortunately not often she tells me. I told her to stay at home and I would do the shopping. She would have to phone her mom to explain that she wouldn’t be calling in and that her brother would have to do their shopping instead. He lives at home with his mom. Anyway I prepared a shopping list as E hadn’t done so, she sometimes just buys from memory. Now shopping for food isn’t something I like doing but obviously do if it is necessary. Thursday was one such day. Off came my overalls  and off I went to do the weekly shopping. I actually bought more than I had listed for there were some other things we needed besides food like weedkiller for instance. In a little more than an hour later I was back home but by now it was past lunchtime. E however was out in the garden struggling to hang up the washing she had put in the machine earlier. I told her to leave it and I would do it later. Later was sooner for she had a second load to take out of the machine and hang too. After packing away the food I went outside to hang the washing. At last I could grab a bite of lunch but half-way through my eldest son arrived to borrow the long aluminium extension ladders we have in the garage. He was helping his friend work on his roof-line guttering. By the time he left with the ladders it was nearly three o’clock. I finished off my lunch then E and I spent a couple of hours out on the patio. Of course I did all the fetching and carrying of coffees and such. Later it was time to take in the washing and re-hang some of it in the boiler room because it was still a little damp despite the warm weather. The reason for that was the high humidity outside. Anyway it wasn’t long before it was time for an evening meal. No chance of doing any decorating and the project was on hold until the next day, there really wasn’t any choice. The next day however we had planned to spend some time at the garden centre………

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