Taking time

It was Tuesday morning (24 th) and I had planned to take a walk as soon as E had eaten breakfast. The thing was E didn’t get downstairs until ten-thirty! Yes in hindsight I could have taken the walk and been back before she got up but I had taken it upon myself to prepare her meals whilst she is struggling  in getting around because of her back condition. I had thought because of what she had said the night before that she is usually up around nine o’clock that she would be. I prefer taking my walks before breakfast if I have other things to do in the day, like my projects for instance. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to eat breakfast and take the walk later or chance it and hope I would be back in time to prepare E’s breakfast. Finally I decided to eat breakfast and simply wait for her to come downstairs. With nothing much to do while I waited I sat and looked at the (rear) garden, something I like to do quite often. I watch the birds and the squirrels if they are about and admire the variety of plants and flowers we have accumulated over the years. We have a number of plum trees growing in the Mound and at this time of year they are in blossom….I took the picture above on the day. The plum trees are clustered to the right of centre and almost dead-centre (of the picture) stands a wild cherry tree which is also in bloom. In the centre of the adjacent bed and about a metre out in front of the wall’s buttress stands another cherry tree but this one has edible fruit when in season. I looked at the apple trees which stand in front of the greenhouses and took this picture…They are only now (at time of writing of course) breaking out in leaf but I suppose by the time you are reading this (May 7) they will be in blossom too. Behind them the rhubarb is flourishing at the rear of the bed and finally the potatoes we planted a few weeks back have begun to sprout. One of the new shrubs we planted recently is in bloom too. It has white flowers and stands in the other bed beneath the small oak tree (just left of the tall holly at the end of the larger greenhouse). At last E came downstairs and I sat her down to her breakfast before putting on my coat and taking my walk. On my return it was time to prepare lunch for us both, though we ate different things. We sat and watched tv whilst eating lunch. Soon after I had eaten I put on my overalls and spent an hour or so painting in the cellar storage room. Though it seems to be taking forever I have been making good progress and I don’t think it will be too long before it is finished.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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