Joseph’s cloakroom


I had an appointment to see the doctor on Wednesday morning at ten after nine and actually got to see her at that time! Yes it happens sometimes. It was a follow-up visit after I was given medication for a nasty wound on my back which was healing as expected. Whilst there I enquired about treatment for a fungal infection I had beneath a couple of toe nails thinking she would suggest a simple over-the-counter remedy. However I was asked to supply some nail clippings so they could be analysed, so on my return home I clipped my nails and returned with the sample. I was back home around ten-fifteen and immediately set to work in the cellar. It was painting day again and the first task was to finish applying a white undercoat to the remaining shelves, those which I hadn’t time to do the day before. At the same time I gave the rear of the door its first coat of paint too. It was then time for lunch. An hour or so later I returned to work, this time to give the shelves their final coat of paint. I think it was E who suggested we liven the place up and paint them in colours……….

What do you think? I think Joseph would have been proud to hang his coat of many colours in there! The door has to be finished and the floor needs some filling here and there before we paint it later.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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