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No, I am not referring to my project this time, though that isn’t far off completion. In fact the only thing that requires to be done on that at this point (time of writing) is painting the floor and we purchased the paint to do that yesterday, that is Saturday 28. Also yesterday I was finally able to get X Box removed from my Windows 10 computer. The machine I am using to write this is my Windows 7 machine. Not being versed in computer operating system code language I was unable to remove it myself though I know it is very simple to do. All that is required is to write a short line of code and execute it but of course it is knowing what to write. Many years ago I could write in Basic or Assembly language and became quite good at it but I never studied machine code and any other computer languages, it wasn’t necessary. So my knowledge is very limited when it comes to anything to do with writing code. Ever since I purchased the machine, which is now over two years ago, I have wanted the X Box application and others removed from it. Microsoft in their infinite wisdom elected to pre-install many ‘apps’ and for me most would never get used so what is the point in having them on the machine taking up space? Some of the applications could and have been removed by myself but some require the use of ‘Power Shell’ to remove them. Power Shell being the program which gives access to the operating system language. The computer has the Power Shell application pre-installed for anyone who wants to use it and knows how. Anyway I chose to contact Microsoft and have them remove X Box for me. That meant allowing the engineer to access and control my computer remotely. He removed the program in a matter of seconds but it had taken me quite some time to have reached that point having been side-tracked through being connected to the wrong department. Ah well, it is done now. When I use the Windows 10 machine it is infrequent and very basic, much in the same way I use the Windows 7 machine. Everything else computers can do doesn’t interest me, I have no use for them, especially playing games.

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