Enough already

Remembering how bad the weather was during the Winter, though in fact it wasn’t that bad at all, I was happy to finally see the thermometer reflecting much higher temperatures. Apart from a couple of really nasty weeks when we had ‘The Beast from the east’ the winter was for the most part reasonably warm. As usual we moaned about the lack of sunshine and a warm breeze but now that the warm weather is here there should be nothing to moan about, unless it rains too much! Over the recent Bank Holiday the weather really had been nice and I for one spent much of the time outside either doing a spot of gardening, mainly weed removal and watering, or sitting on the patio just relaxing. I had been for an early morning walk on the Sunday and had returned home by nine o’clock. After a quick breakfast I went into the garden with a cup of coffee to sit for a while on the bench in front of the patio in the sunshine but soon moved to a shady spot on the patio itself because it was unbearable sitting in the bright sunshine.

The only shade on the patio was that behind the nearest column of the archway or in the ‘secret’ garden behind the gate in front of the garage at that time in the morning. The bench shown above faces slightly south of east and by nine o’clock in the morning the sun is quite high in the sky at this time of year. I often sit there for that reason but on that Sunday I’d had enough of the sun already having walked about in it for a couple of hours. After lunch it was a different story and although I was on the patio in full sunshine again I didn’t complain. The sun is in the sky above the garage and we get the benefit of it for around four hours there on the patio if it isn’t cloudy. Of course much of the garden remains in full sunshine most of the day anyway at this time of year. One good thing about having sunshine and warm weather is that I can get the outdoor jobs done so as much as I like sitting and relaxing if the weather is fine I can’t do that for long. Sometimes though it can be too uncomfortable working in the heat.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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