Gone dull again

Never a Dull Moment (EP)
Never a Dull Moment (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day and the events in it were both dull, at least that’s how I felt it to be. Yes, the day was dull insofar as the weather had reverted to cool and cloudy with spots of rain heavier late in the afternoon. I did spend some time outside but only doing things which were necessary like putting stuff in the bins and putting them out for collection the next day. It was Wednesday (9 th) and according to the old wives’ tale Wednesday’s child is full of woe. Yes, I was born on a Wednesday around nine o’clock in the morning but don’t hold to the belief that I am full of woe! Of course I have bad days as well as good ones, who doesn’t? This day however was the kind of day in which I felt empty of enthusiasm, purpose and inclination yet would gladly jump at the chance to do something constructive given the chance. My problem is I sometimes let things get to me instead of tackling them head-on and getting them out-of-the-way. There was work to be done but I was reluctant to do it and other work I wanted to do but couldn’t because of a lack of materials. There was my tax return to sort out but I put that off too. The silly thing about my tax return is that there is little to put in it having ceased work thirteen months previously. I could have it filled in minutes but it bothered me to even think about it! Had I indicated that I had retired on my last tax return I wouldn’t have to submit one this time. I spent that much time thinking about what could be done there was no time left to actually do anything! However, there was one small job I managed to do during the day and that was to mix a wheelbarrow load of sand and granite dust for use when I tackle filling in the floor of the gym prior to painting it. All I need to do is add the cement as I go along when I decide to do it and that is the crunch as I keep putting it off. I will have to take the plunge and get it done or something else might get in the way……..like lethargy!

Shirley Anne