A quiet day out

A soccer/football ball.

Saturday 19th proved to be the very fine and hot day as predicted. That boded well for a certain couple who were getting married and for a couple of football (soccer) teams playing for the FA Cup. I had no real interest in either of them though I did watch the football match when it was televised late in the afternoon. I kept well away from news bulletins as I had been doing for over twelve months. I used to take an avid interest in the news but finally tired of it last year. It had become either all doom, gloom and despondency¬†or reports of mundane events pushed down our throats whether we liked it or not. Anyway I arose early once again and just before breakfast I made it my business to give the new shrub in the front garden another good watering. Later in the afternoon it proved to be a good decision for the plant had perked up. The problem had been the surrounding soil being too dry and soaking up the water I had given the plant. After breakfast I sorted out the items and materials from my electrical work I had stored in the various boxes and stored them away in the cupboards where previously we had the canned food stored. They are of course now in the new ‘larder’ (see previous posts). E and I had an early lunch because I was driving her to her monthly meeting some fifteen or sixteen miles away. She was still unable to drive herself due to the medication she had been taking. For the previous two meetings she had been unable to attend because of her back pain so it was good for her to be able to go this time. I didn’t stay at the venue but went elsewhere for an hour or so and returned to collect her later. We arrived back home just before the football match began. There were very few people out and about throughout the day probably because they were watching the wedding coverage or were already at the places they had decided to visit.

Shirley Anne