Another long weekend

The Long Weekend
The Long Weekend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is Saturday 26th as I write this, the first day of a national three-day holiday. For the likes of myself who is now retired it means very little as I consider myself to be permanently on holiday! Not strictly true of course but I do feel that way most of the time. Time on my hands is something I have a plenty now and I can pick and choose whatever I wish to do. In recent times I have been very busy engaged in my projects at home which for the moment and whilst the weather is good I have on hold. I find though that I am itching to do something even in the hot weather. I am thankful therefore that I have a couple of gardens to look after, the smaller one at the front and the larger at the rear of the house. Neither of them could be considered small by comparison to the average garden size though the front one takes far less maintenance than the rear one. Today would have been a day for pottering about in the gardens where I can always find something to do but when I awoke this morning my neighbour was in my thoughts. If my readers will remember she is in hospital with chronic lung disease and the prognosis isn’t good. The doctors have given her possibly only three moreĀ  months to live. She was supposed to be coming home last week then early this past week and now (as I write) it looks like it will be the next week. When it happens she will be receiving palliative care and arrangements are in place. E and I would have paid her more visits but for the fact we thought she would be home sooner and now it has been put back again.

Southport and district hospital

We visited her soon after she had been admitted and this morning I said to E that I think we should visit again now that we knew she wouldn’t be home for a few more days. We drove to the hospital and spent a few hours at her bedside. She looked so much better than at our previous visit and she admitted to feeling much better too. We missed lunch without noticing the passage of time and it was after four o’clock before we found ourselves back at home. I sat out on the patio for an hour or so before returning indoors to prepare a meal. I think about my neighbour stuck in the hospital and unable to enjoy the fine weather we have been having and hope she won’t have to stay there much longer. I guess holidays mean very little to her too nowadays.

Shirley Anne