Almost from the time I awoke at 4.45 am until after my evening meal I was kept busy doing one thing or another on Monday (11). Our next-door neighbour had asked, no, hinted that she would like her tv on the wall and I offered to fit a shelf for it (yesterday’s post). I knew I had some timber but no brackets. The first thing I did when I got downstairs at six o’clock was to paint the leading edge of the timber so it would match the colour of the timber which was covered in a veneer. As I was down in the cellar doing that I decided I might also paint the piece of timber I had fitted to the bottom edge of the new larder’s door. That colour being¬† a pale blue to match the existing door paint. Having done that I ate breakfast then immediately went into the garden to water the lawn. When that was done I moved to the front garden and watered that too. Still not finished I set about emptying the waste and washing out and cleaning the waste buckets we have indoors. By this time E had come downstairs and had eaten breakfast before she returned upstairs to dress. We were to go out shopping. When she was ready we drove to the local optician to see if he could repair our neighbour’s broken spectacles. Our neighbour is bed-ridden remember. He repaired them free of charge because they were under guarantee. We then drove to the hardware store to purchase the brackets and on the way back home we stopped off at Dobbies garden centre to purchase eleven plants for the small plot we had cleared on Sunday. When we arrived home we planted them all in the plot, two large plants and nine small ones.

The large (just pruned) shrub was in the plot when we moved into the house 30 years ago as was the tall tree behind it in the far corner. Click on image to magnify. The Laurel in the right hand corner is one of the new plants as is the shrub in front of the grey water butt. The smaller nine plants are those at the front from top left to bottom right. The tulip and daffodil bulbs were removed but the will be replanted in late Autumn. The new plant varieties are Laurel, Leucothoe fontanesiana Makijaz, Dianthus dark purple, Dianthus pink kisses, Edelweiss Grabglockner, Lewisia little peach, Lewisia little plum, Diascia breezee plus apricot, Scabiosa blue note, Viola Tony venison and last but not least Delosperma jewel of desert garnet.¬† It was the time for lunch and afterward I went next door to fit the shelf and brackets and set up the television. My neighbour was well-pleased that now she could watch tv more easily. I was finished however for I removed all the brackets and fixtures from the old fridge/freezer and with the help of her son we pulled it out of the kitchen unit and stored it outside ready for disposal. We brought in the new fridge/freezer which had been temporarily stored in use in the garage. However we discovered that the new supply cable plug could not be pushed through the rear of the unit to reach the power outlet in an adjacent cupboard. When we removed the old fridge/freezer I cut the cable close to the fridge so it didn’t need to be removed. I went back home and dug out a power outlet of the type which is fitted to extension leads. I returned and fitted it to the end of the existing cable thereby making into a small in situ extension lead that the fridge could be plugged into. We lifted the new fridge/freezer into the kitchen unit but had to take it out again so I could adjust the kitchen unit door hinges. Finally it was done and I went home. E had joined me in order to chat with our neighbour whilst I was engaged in the work. It was approaching five o’clock when we got home. After a quick coffee I carried out a repair to the garden hose nozzle before watering the whole garden including the lawn once more. It was almost time for my evening meal when I had finished. Bored? I didn’t have time to be bored.

Shirley Anne