A bit too much

How does one get so many different things done in one morning? Was it any wonder I dozed off for a few minutes after lunch? The day had begun very early for I had awoken just after three o’clock. Yes there are two-three o’clocks in the same day! Most folk not working shifts would be fast asleep at the first one but not me, not this day at least. My clock seems to be gradually going backwards as I find myself trotting off to bed earlier each night and waking earlier as a result. Sometimes, I have been told, I push myself too hard but that’s the way I am. So I woke up but didn’t get up immediately though I did get up before four. Off to the bathroom to shower, then get dressed but before dressing I did some stitching with needle and thread. Going downstairs for breakfast was interrupted by time spent on the cross-trainer and exercise bike. Following breakfast I was out in the rear garden gathering rhubarb and staking out a couple of flowers which couldn’t support themselves. I returned indoors to clean and cook the rhubarb which would be eaten later when cooled together with strawberries and custard. Have you ever eaten rhubarb with strawberries? If you haven’t and if you like both fruits then give it a go, they were made for each other. Next I cleaned the kitchen sink and the hardware on the draining board. Let me explain. We have a slightly hard water supply where I live which means we get limescale deposits inside kettles and anywhere else the water is used. We use vinegar regularly to clean it off surfaces and the kitchen sink seems to collect more scale than anywhere else. That took a little time but it was soon done. My next job was to hand-wash some items of clothing and hang them up to dry. Because we’ve had little rain I have been watering the gardens with a hose and so I did that in the front garden. The rear garden had been done the previous evening. Once that had been done I returned indoors again to put on some overalls then collecting a ladder and a wood saw I went into to rear garden to cut back more overhanging tree branches from a neighbour’s tree and remove the climbing ivy from the top of the perimeter wall. After a coffee I went back into the rear garden to check on wind damage to plants after the recent storm. E called me to say she was going next door to visit our neighbour so I joined her. We didn’t stay long as the nurse arrived to carry out her duties. It was then around eleven o’clock and E asked me to assist in checking out her car in preparation for its MOT test next week. One of those checks involved tyre pressures but there was no information in the manual regarding how much they needed to be inflated! How crazy is that? Fortunately she discovered a service station receipt showing what those settings should be, 34 psi for the front tyres and 31 psi for the rear. She had a plug-in air pump which evidently was faulty but I checked it out just in case it wasn’t. It was! I went to the van to get a foot operated pump but when I attempted to use it no air was getting into the tyres. I took it into the workshop room in the cellar and replaced the seal on the valve using PTFE tape. Success! All four tyres had been under-inflated. Meanwhile she filled the screen wash reservoir and the radiator and I checked the lights, oil levels and general wear. Satisfied we had checked all that we could we went indoors and I prepared lunch. It was whilst I was watching a World Cup soccer match after lunch that I dozed off for a while. Still, after a while I was up and about again…..you just can’t hold a busy bee down.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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