My van had its MOT test back in March and all went well as it passed the test. On Monday (18 th) it was the day for E to take her car in for the test too. I had an interrupted night’s sleep and wasn’t feeling that good when I finally came downstairs for breakfast. E had just finished hers. I could have been much earlier in coming down but I had fallen back to sleep after the third time of waking. I really must have been tired but despite my lethargy I remembered that E’s car was due for its test that morning. She had however forgotten! She wasn’t dressed and had forty minutes or so before the car had to be at the service station. I was to follow her to pick her up and having done so decided a short break at Dobbies garden would be a good idea so we drove the short distance and parked up. A nice cup of coffee each didn’t cost us a penny for they were free. I am allowed two cups of coffee each month at no cost because I am a member there. We found a couple of lounge chairs next to the panoramic windows and sat there in comfort chatting. Outside was a guy with a large female Alsatian dog. He had picked up the large drinking bowl set there for dogs and was walking about seemingly looking for a water tap (faucet) with which to fill it. Eventually someone went outside with a jar filled with water and it was poured into the bowl for the dog who immediately drank from it. It must have been an oversight that the bowl hadn’t been filled by the staff though they had probably been too busy. We also noticed the little Robin flying here there and everywhere stamping his mark on his territory. A couple of times he came and sat on the table on the other side of the window and eyed us up too. When we had finished our coffee we went outside and walked around the garden centre browsing the plants but we didn’t purchase anything this time. While walking about we noticed several large plant pots with large plants in them lying about here and there. They must have been blown over during the recent storm over the weekend but no-one had bothered to lift them up. In fact there had been very few members of staff at all outside. We left and sat in the van for a short time while E called the service station to see if her car was ready for collection. Over her phone I could hear the mechanic say that the car had passed its test and we drove there to collect it. Before we returned indoors on arriving home we went next door to visit our neighbour for a while before lunch. I rested up in the afternoon watching more football on tv.

Shirley Anne