No worms

Up again very early on Thursday morning and feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep I was ready for the day ahead. I had awoken at 4.20 and paid a visit to the throne room before returning to bed in an attempt to nod off again but alas as always I lay there unable. I finally left the horizontal and took up the vertical and was downstairs before six. After a quick breakfast I was outside watering the rear garden once more even though I had done it only twelve hours previously. Despite all the watering the ground has been soaking it all in as if it hasn’t seen rain before. Now you would think that the worms would come to the surface but I didn’t see any. Usually at the sound of rain falling on the ground and the water seeping downwards the worms respond by burrowing upwards. I am supposing they are too far down chasing after the last water fall. It shows just how dry the ground can get at this time of year and how much more the necessity to get the hose out. So I had finished watering the garden plants and the lawn and went to do the weekly shopping. As it happened I didn’t need to buy as much this time for E and I had been out the previous day to purchase other items and had called into the supermarket too. On my return home and after packing everything away I made myself a coffee and sat on the bench in the rear garden. As I sat there I noticed movement to my left, a squirrel had appeared on the lawn and was busy looking for something to eat in the damp grass. I didn’t know that squirrels ate worms and I am not sure they do but I know they eat insects. I guess that is what it was looking for. I sat perfectly still though I know only sudden or deliberate movement toward them will frighten them away. It skipped across the grass and climbed up the bird table to get at the seeds we put there for the small birds. At the moment we have the seeds from the melons we purchase and both the birds and the squirrels eat them. After a short time the squirrel climbed back down and skipped across the grass to run up the holly tree and on toward the taller trees behind. We have days when we almost never see squirrels and then other days when there are many. Squirrels eat a variety of things besides nuts but I still don’t believe they eat worms.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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