Still waiting

It is the last day of June as I write this. I have come indoors to watch one of  the two World Cup games being televised today. As we draw nearer to the final game there are fewer being played so I don’t have to spend too much time out of the fresh air. Having said that it is nice to come inside for a while because of the relentless hot weather we have been experiencing lately. Again I have been watering the gardens because of the lack of rain. Even now the forecast doesn’t look promising for the possibility of rain with a further wait of nine or ten days being likely. All very well for sun-seekers but not for the plants in my gardens. I guess I would rather be praying for a spell of dry weather than the other way round. We haven’t reached the drought stage yet but if we don’t get much rain soon all that will change. The other day when out walking I was reminded of such a possibility as I saw a mobile water bowser being driven along the highway. I remember many years ago when living in Liverpool seeing a number of such vehicles being stationed around the place where I lived. Funny thing is though I don’t remember the drought at the time but there must have been one. As for droughts and water shortages I do remember there being a shortage when I lived in Freshfield which was just over thirty years ago. At that time there were restrictions in place against the use of hosepipes. If we have to resort to using the water butts I will have to be selective as to which plants get the most water. This is the main reason I have been thinking of installing another water butt. In the meanwhile I am still hoping and waiting that we’ll get rain soon.

Shirley Anne