July and it’s hot!

So far July has been scorching hot. Yes okay it is only the second day of the month but it is staying that way for the next couple of days at least. July is the month schools let out for summer, usually around the middle of the month. That means lots of screaming kids letting off steam. Don’t get me wrong I was one too, honest! Traditionally families will go on vacation or as we say here on holiday for say two weeks in the sun, if they are lucky. If a domestic break is taken there is always the likelihood that it could rain for how long nobody ever really knows. Weather forecasts have improved over the years so if a holiday is planned around having a lot of sunshine it is safe to say guaranteed sunshine can be planned for with reasonable accuracy. You have to remember here in the UK the weather is often very changeable. To really guarantee sunshine days it is best to travel to a country that has a better defined period of sunshine for any particular part of the year. E and I used to go abroad often and to places where we could guarantee it being hot and sunny. We narrowly missed a tropical storm when we visited The Dominican Republic many years ago. It passed over the country a week before we were due to arrive. The problem here is that a pre-booked holiday can often lead to it not being that sunny at all. Who can forecast the weather months in advance? A safer bet would be Spain if a hot sunny holiday is wanted. Anyway E and I haven’t spent a holiday abroad for many years now and have remained at home in the UK. We never take a break here either, what’s the point? We are retired and every day is a holiday really. It is nice to take a short break once in a while and we did that more recently on a long weekend in Vienna. The previous long-stay break was in 2009 in Canada and six weeks before in the US. We have been to many places in the world but for me at least I don’t feel the need to travel anymore. E has her disability which makes travel awkward to say the least but given the opportunity would go. I would go with her too of course. For the time being it is a hot day in July and we are in the comfort of our own home.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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