At last

At last the weather has begun to cool down a tad. Today (5 th) it is 21 deg C, down 8 to 9 deg from what it has been lately. With the humidity down too at 43% relative, it feels much fresher. It still has yet to rain but at least the ground is staying wetter for longer after I have hosed the gardens. As is stands today the forecast is for rain later next week! Still a long time to wait and even then they say it only has a 60% chance of raining on one day with lesser possibilities for the following days. Ah well, we have to endure it all for now. I am now in a better position for doing a little more work around here but not too much! Today, this morning, I did the weekly shopping again and it looks like it is going to be my responsibility from now on if things don’t change. E hasn’t done the shopping for almost three months now. It’s just another chore for poor old Shirley Anne to add to her pile. One of our next-door neighbours is currently having the whole exterior of his house re-pointing which means scaffolding being erected. For the past two weeks it has been covering the front of the house and the work has progressed well. Yesterday the scaffolding crew returned to erect more scaffolding to the side of his property adjacent to ours. They asked for access to fit a couple of bracing poles onto our rear pathway. As his section of the space between the two properties is far smaller than our own it would be dangerous not to have bracing poles in place. Had they needed to use the garage roof  I would have had to erect a couple of supporting columns beneath. Fortunately I do possess three of those and have had to use them when we had scaffolding on our garage roof. The only problem with that is the vehicle can’t be housed in the garage when they are in use. It isn’t before time that our neighbour is getting the work done for his house’s brickwork has been in a very poor state for quite some time. He has been getting bits done here and there but it wasn’t enough by far. It isn’t that he couldn’t afford the work being done, we think he has just been reluctant to fork out the cash. It will of course improve the house’s appearance and sale ability. Perhaps he is thinking of selling it on. While the scaffolding guys were here I had some good banter with them and discovered that one of the crew had actually been part of the team that had erected scaffolding around our house way back in 2010. He must have remembered all the cups of tea and coffee that came his way.

Shirley Anne