Just a walk

Due to all the fine and very hot weather we’ve been enjoying, though not me I don’t like it to be so oppressive, I have not done much in the way of going for a walk. I have been taking walks but they have been far fewer. For some reason this past week (I write on 6th), I have been feeling rather strange. Perhaps it has been the heat or the fact that I have cut back my food intake or both. I have also been far more choosy in what I have been eating too though I was already eating the right stuff, that is healthily. Whatever the reason it kept me indoors and reluctant to do anything but this morning was different. I awoke early as I have been doing for some time, early to bed means I automatically wake early, and I thought I would take that walk. Perhaps I should have eaten first because by the time I returned I felt awful. I felt as weak as a kitten. Anyway once back indoors and after eating my breakfast I began to feel stronger. I had walked one of my more shortened walks along The Promenade, of course I had to get there first, and then returning along the seafront I reached The Pier. There were no people on foot and only saw a couple of bike riders as I walked along. It was like a deserted town. Some vehicles passed by though they were also few. There was a reason for the absence of people aside from the fact that it was a normal working day, it was the first day of the three for the Annual Southport Air Show and traffic had been re-routed. As I reached the pier there were vehicles of all types, generating stations, overhead sound systems and lighting, mobile food vendors and temporary metal fencing everywhere, even on the beach. Every effort had been made to ensure anyone within shouting distance of the beach event would have to pay. As for the aircraft, well you only have to be within a mile radius to see most of them as they fly past. I never visit these events now though when the children were growing up I used to take them along to watch. Even then we were able to get close enough to see most of the event without having to pay. Well it is expensive raising children!

Shirley Anne