Clearing up the mess

Waste removal 1

One thing I learned from an early age was that it is impossible to make an omelette without breaking an egg. It meant that in carrying out any work it  often left a residue of waste, an unavoidable small amount of debris and something which required clearing away to make the job complete. Sometimes doing a job of work leaves us covered in dirt, dust or grease. Even in the kitchen baking cakes can leave a mess. Flour seems to get in some strange places! I would always say that a job isn’t complete unless the mess is cleared away too. I know a few guys who don’t seem to recognise that principle. Whenever I was engaged on a project involving workers of other trades I often saw the mess they had left for others to clean. It was said that the cleanest workers on a site were the electricians and the worst were the joiners and plumbers. I always cleaned up after myself. Over the weekend, actually from Friday (6 th) there was the annual air show here in Southport. That meant a lot of people along the beach and seafront and the possibility of waste being left lying about. I had gotten up very early on Monday morning specifically to go for a walk whilst it was still reasonably cool. I left the house at six-twenty but soon discovered it wasn’t that cool at all. It felt like 24 deg C and probably was. I walked through the town heading north and eventually turned left and on toward the seafront. My return journey took me along the beach and beneath the pier to the area on beach where they had held the land-based part of the air show program. There were temporary metal barriers everywhere and dotted along them were wheelie waste bins. I was surprised to see that there was hardly a mess to be seen anywhere, though one bag of rubbish had somehow been torn open leaving the contents on the sand. No doubt it would be cleared away in due course. Outside of that main area however one or two people couldn’t be bothered to take their rubbish home or at least deposit it in the many bins provided. Why are some people so lazy and anti-social? Makes me wonder what their homes are like. Sadly I have been in many people homes when working as an electrician and had seen the appalling conditions that some of them are willing to live in because they were too bone idle to clean it up.

Shirley Anne