New regime

Slowly I have been getting to bed earlier each night and only stay up if there is something I wish to see on tv. Even then I sometimes watch whatever it is on the tv in my bedroom. Going to bed early allows me to arise early too which has been so beneficial especially now during the summer months. I can take my walks early while it is still cool. An added bonus to this new regime is that I feel I am sleeping more soundly and have more energy during the day, well the morning specifically.  My exercising is taken seriously though I don’t regiment it. This morning (11 th) I enjoyed a really nice walk after leaving the house at a few minutes after six o’clock. Getting back home before eight allowed me to eat breakfast before watering the rear garden once more.

Rain showers

Now after reading the headlines it appears we might get a   ban because of the drought. I think it is disgraceful that having paid the water company for my water supply they have the impudence to inform people they intend to impose the ban. In this day and age there is no excuse for there ever being a water shortage. There was talk many years ago regarding the construction of a national grid system similar to those we have with the electrical and gas supplies. There was also talk of creating more reservoirs in order to maintain supplies. In foreign countries where there is little rainfall they still find a way to supply water. In Cyprus I believe, where it hardly rains at all, there is never a water shortage. In Israel, a desert country with little or no natural water resources, they are still capable of supplying water to the whole country. It is said that because of the infrastructure of their water supply system water could still be provided even if it never rained there. What is wrong with our country? Why is it we have to endure shortages of water during a few weeks of fine weather. Similarly why do we always struggle when there is a fall of snow? It is all down to greed I suspect, or perhaps very poor management or again the billions of pounds the water companies have as well as the government being directed elsewhere. Managers pockets, shareholders coffers? Who knows? Perhaps if they went to bed and got up earlier they may gain some wisdom and do their jobs properly. Rain down wisdom and water too.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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