Pins and needles

Just sitting here waiting for the pins and needles to go from my right hand. My hand is slowly beginning to feel normal once more now that I am hitting the keys writing this. I often used to wonder what exactly pins and needles were but now I know. It is the blood returning under pressure to areas which have temporarily lost circulation. In this case I had been resting on my right arm and my hand went numb! One of the strangest feelings I have ever had regarding pins and needles, and it has happened a few times in my life, was when I lost all feeling to either my right or my left foot. In those cases I couldn’t feel my foot at all for quite a while and attempting to walk was really amusing. Have you ever tried to stand on a foot you cannot feel? Slowly the blood returns and the pins and needles are felt and sometimes there is the urgency to visit the lavatory! I wonder why my brain thinks I have to visit the lavatory because I have pins and needles in my foot? We are very strange beings aren’t we?
I wasn’t going to write about pins and needles initially but as I had them at the start of writing it seemed logical to mention them. I was going to write about my very early start to the day having gotten up out of bed at a couple of minutes before four o’clock. I was fast asleep a short time after my head hit the pillow at nine the previous evening so the early rise simply followed. It has become my routine lately to go to bed early and rise early. I didn’t eat breakfast but went directly into the rear garden to water it, especially the grass. When I returned indoors I prepared for my early morning walk and was out the front door at five-twenty. I speeded things up this time by walking as briskly as I could and found myself back home at six-fifty. That meant I had covered the four and a half miles of my chosen route in an hour and a half, three miles per hour. Not bad I thought considering my age. When I looked in the mirror on my return home I was as red as a berry! Not much wrong with the blood circulation after the walk! I hadn’t been wearing heavy clothing, just my lightweight summer stuff. My breakfast tasted all that much better after the exercise.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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