A few days ago when out in the garden I noticed one of the beetroot plants was lying on the ground rather than in it. It was one of the larger beets at that time and could be lifted out for consumption. That is what I did rather than attempt to re-bed it. I took it indoors and cooked it (previous post). A few days later I decided three other beets were ready for harvest too so I collected them, prepared and cooked them before putting them in jars with vinegar diluted with the now red water they had been cooked in. They taste almost exactly the same as the commercially produced variety when done this way.

The jar was purchased with pickled beetroot in it so was the ideal container for my home-grown beets. No point in removing the old label, I just applied another over it as you can see. This time I was able to fill two jars of the same size with the three beets I had cooked. There are several more plants in the garden, probably twenty, so it means another six jars to find maybe, unless I can eat the contents of the two just filled. Actually we do have a few suitable jars stored away though not all the same size. Of course the beetroot can be eaten freshly cooked but I prefer it pickled. Soon we shall be digging out potatoes too. They can be stored if done correctly but no doubt they will be eaten soon after we have dug them out. I love new potatoes with lashings of butter melting over them and perhaps a little mint or what about slices of pickled beetroot? Yummy!

Shirley Anne


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