In limbo

Hovering between intention and execution befell upon me on Tuesday the last fay of the month. I had plans to do all sorts of things but those plans never bore fruit. I get days like these sometimes, I’m sure you do too. Opportunities missed and good intentions left denied happen. To be fair with myself I was waiting upon action from others for without the materials I needed to continue with my projects there as little I could do. The link in the chain has broken for the time being.

I refer to my projects. Currently I have been filling in the cracks and holes in the gym floor and then painting it later doing a section at a time. At the time of writing there is only a small amount of paint left and about a third of the floor still needs doing. Even so, the floor will need a second coat of paint but that work should take far less time to do. All I can do in the meantime is finish off the filling-in but that would disrupt the planned schedule and is not worth doing. So I wait for the paint but the supplier hasn’t yet responded to my request. I have to chase them up on this. The other project, constructing the island in the lawn is also awaiting the delivery of materials so my hands are tied and I cannot make any progress on that either. I can only wait so long before I take action or the work will never get finished. I get a little impatient with people sometimes when they lack enthusiasm knowing I am waiting for them to deliver for me. I guess not everyone has the same motivation as myself. It is a little disheartening though that my plans are just sitting there, my projects left in limbo because I cannot rely on other people.

Shirley Anne