I gave up

Sometimes you know that despite all your efforts to make things simple it still goes wrong. I was trying to re-order a special floor paint by email and was informed that they would get in contact for payment. I waited but nobody got in touch so I sent a reminder by email and the reply was they had called several times but got no answer. I actually checked the phone’s incoming call history and no-one from their organisation had called, in fact the last received call to the landline was two weeks earlier than they could have phoned. I ended up going online to place the order instead. I should have done that in the first place I suppose. The floor paint is for the gym where I have been repairing the floor and giving it a coat of paint, in fact there will be two coats applied once I get the paint of course! I have found so many times in life where I have attempted a short-cut to resolve or solve a problem and ended up with the work taking twice as long instead! It is obviously sometimes not worth cutting corners for a quicker response.

I write this on August 2 nd so hopefully I will receive the paint before the end of next week. The supplier is based in Dublin, Eire, which is merely across The Irish Sea from where I live but it might as well be across the Atlantic for the time it will take to arrive. I am in no hurry but I would like the floor finished as soon as possible. The reason for that is I wish to make a start on the island I am proposing to put in the lawn. There again though I have to wait upon the supplier for the large slate rocks, stones or whatever they are called. They are actually three pieces of slate but they are long and heavy in weight. I would like them to be delivered before any other work starts on the project for I would like to set them in place and work around them. I am excited at the thought of working on this project because it is outdoors. I like working outdoors as my previous projects will testify.

Shirley Anne