In darkness

Once again I was up, dressed and downstairs by two-fifteen and my first task was to water the garden. It wasn’t that the garden needed watering at that hour but I thought I would get it out-of-the-way. It was Sunday morning on 5 th August and the day ahead looked promising, warm, even hot and sunny so all I planned to do was to relax in it. Whilst I was out there in the coolness and darkness of the night with only a crescent Moon to light my way if the floodlights weren’t there I decided once I had watered the garden to sit out on the patio. The floodlights turned off once I left the area so I switched on the patio wall lights and sat there in prayer. After five minutes I heard the approaching sound of police sirens as they came down the main road and on toward town. I thought there must be a chase going on, some criminal attempting to avoid capture no doubt. I was probably right in thinking that for many criminals are active when night falls. Then I thought about what was going through their minds that they were engaged in some anti-social activity. I do wonder why some people act this way for they are obviously ashamed at the thought of capture or being recognised and arrested and use darkness to shield themselves. I call them cowards. Driven by drug dependency or the refusal to do an honest day’s work they take what they want with no consideration for the rest of society. They think life owes them a living and that theft is simply a job. They will pay the ultimate price if they persist in what they do. Darkness won’t shield them in the end. Sometimes I hear the sound of a helicopter in the middle of the night and sometimes see one hovering about over the local area, obviously searching for criminals going about their shift(y) work! The darkness cannot hide them from the helicopter’s night vision capabilities yet they will try to hide nevertheless. It’s a game of cat and mouse and the cat usually wins! Speaking of cats, I have been trying to see the cat responsible for dumping its excrement on my lawn under the cover of darkness. On Saturday morning after sunrise I saw what had been left for me to clean up. I have never seen a cat doing its business on my lawn in broad daylight. I wonder why that is? Doesn’t want to get caught doing it I suspect. A lot happens under the cover of darkness doesn’t it?

Shirley Anne