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My work in the cellar painting the gym floor was completed on Tuesday morning (14 th) for there was only about a square metre left to do, that small patch where I had parked the treadmill. As I write this on the same day there remains only to touch-up the white paint on the walls where I have splashed or touched with the red floor paint. That will get done tomorrow all being well. I had slept in an extra half-hour but still arose just after two-thirty. I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard the alarm for it had been set. I put it down to my having been very tired the day before and indeed I had been. I was going to water the rear garden first of all but decided eating breakfast would be a better idea as I wished to take a walk. It would give me extra time for a toilet visit before the walk by doing the watering after breakfast. I didn’t want to be ‘caught short’ on my walk! Even so I do have to visit the toilet sometimes when out walking, doesn’t everyone? When I returned home I finished the floor painting in the gym and that was it, nothing left to do. My thoughts turned to the next project and when if ever it was going to begin; the lawn project monoliths…

Stone monoliths (Castlerigg in Cumbria)

I had been thinking a lot about the obstacles I would be faced with in not only getting the slabs of slate (monoliths) delivered but how to get them into the rear garden once they had. I wanted to give the guy who had the slate as much time as possible for the price he was charging was far below what I had seen for similar materials elsewhere. The problem he was facing was how to lift them on to a truck for his hydraulic hoist had been faulty when I had initially visited his yard. If it was going to take too long in receiving the slate I might decide to go elsewhere instead. I need to source some heavy-duty round steel tubing with which to use to roll the slate over the concrete, through the garage and into the garden. Four pieces about a metre in length should suffice. The method is to have three at all times under the slate and the fourth is then placed ahead for it to roll onto. The rear tube is then exposed and placed ahead of the slate to repeat the process. We used to move very heavy electrical equipment that way. The work is best carried out with two or more people so I will need to muster help from my sons no doubt. At this moment though it is all speculation……

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