The end

So it was that on Wednesday morning I was up again bright and early ready to finish what little work there was left in the gym. I say bright and early but although it was very early it wasn’t very bright! Over the last few days it has been rather dull and overcast for a change. As it had been raining it hadn’t been necessary to water the garden as I had been doing first thing. Soon after breakfast I first of all watched some catch-up television in order to see those programs I had missed through going to bed early. It gave me a chance to rest before working, something I hadn’t been doing for days. Usually I am keen to get on with things rather than sitting around knowing I must get on at some point. It was a case of getting the white emulsion paint out and getting on with touching up where I had splashed with the red  paint. Actually there wasn’t that much of it to do. After sweeping up and cleaning out the pit in which the cross trainer stands then wiping down the exercise equipment I moved that equipment to where it was before the work began…

The end…..

Shirley Anne