Not a lot days

I am pretty certain that most of you will have periods in your lives where nothing much is going on, I know I do. What do you do when that happens? Do you sit back and relax and do nothing? Do you find something to do? Do you play catch-up with those things you kept promising yourself you would get around to do but never had the time? What if none of those appeal to you? What if you struggle to find things to occupy yourself with? What do you do then when the box is empty? Life is exciting when the things that you like are happening all around you but when something comes along to upset the apple cart you get annoyed at having to deal with it. You wish it would go away and think to yourself why did this have to happen when things were going just fine? That however is the way it is, life doesn’t promise us anything. If we want something we should just go for it but always keep in mind that it may not all be plain sailing. Do you ever wonder why things go pear-shaped? Why do bad things happen in life? Wise people accept that they cannot always avoid untoward happenings. We can plan as much as we like but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will all go well, we have to expect the unexpected might happen. We must however not take that approach but always live in hope. Why is it hard sometimes, why do we have to suffer once in a while, and for some that once in a while is more often than not? The little things we take in our stride, sort them out and carry on as before. The bigger problems require more attention and after dealing with them we sometimes lose heart in what we were doing before and it loses its appeal. Life is great when it is going our way but when it isn’t it makes us sad. I often think about these things and take comfort in reading the pages of Ecclesiastes ( ) in Scripture. In life we strive for peace and tranquility, love and harmony, ease and comfort but not always do we receive them do we? We must learn to accept the good with the bad, the busy and the not so busy times, the full days and the empty ones and simply be happy with them all.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus