Simple is best

It was Monday afternoon, the Bank Holiday Monday and I was sitting having a bite to eat. For some reason I had thought there was a problem with the fridge/freezer which stands in the dining area. When it was purchased some years ago it wouldn’t fit in the small kitchen and anyway there was another fridge/freezer in there already. Although we have chest freezers down in the cellar along with some small units we wanted some extra storage upstairs at the time. Anyway I opened the fridge/freezer and discovered it wasn’t cold in the fridge section (the upper unit). I finished my snack and set about locating the fault. You may remember in a post last year I think it was when I had called out an engineer to fix the same problem (it wasn’t by then under the guarantee) but not long after he had done the work it went faulty again so I checked it out myself. I wasn’t prepared to pay the high charges to fix it again. As it turned out I cured the problem myself but alas on this occasion there was little I could do. After removing a panel and breaking up the ice which had built up I got it working again but it stopped after a couple of minutes and wouldn’t come on again. Decision time. I had already emptied the contents of the fridge and the freezer and had put them in the other machines in the kitchen and cellar. Having to pay for a costly repair wouldn’t be cost-effective considering it might go faulty again and it was now more than five years old. If we were to purchase another we would buy a just a fridge as we have enough freezer storage units to meet our needs. Whether we decide on the purchase just yet I am not sure. The faulty unit would have to be disposed of in any case. It was now Tuesday morning (28 th) and I was up early as usual. By the time I had eaten breakfast it was three-fifteen and I put on my overalls  for the work ahead, taking the unit into the garage and putting it into the van ready for the drive to the tip. Now the thing is this, the unit was heavy and tall and couldn’t be manoeuvred by one person alone without aid of some sort but I had a plan, I usually do! I collected the hand truck from the garage and managed to wheel the unit to the front door after some difficulty getting it out of the kitchen. However, there are steps outside our front door….

…two sets of them as you can see. Without help I would never get it down them without a plan. I went to the garage and picked up timber to use as a ramp. I didn’t use the truck to get the unit down the steps, instead I lowered it onto its side and pushed it down the ramp then repeated the same procedure for the second set of steps. It was then a simple matter of getting the unit into the garage using the truck. Once there I placed a length of plank on the floor of the van and lowered the unit to rest on the edge before lifting it and sliding it on the plank and into the van. Job done and it was by then four o’clock. All I had to do was secure the rear doors with rope because they couldn’t be closed completely with the fridge/freezer inside. Later I took it to the tip. The whole experience got me thinking about purchasing fridge/freezers and the unnecessary complicated set-up in construction they have nowadays. It is all about energy-saving. One compressor motor and refrigerant circuit, a fan and some fancy electronics is all they use but the problem is this, when the unit goes faulty both the fridge and the freezer stop working. It is far better I began to think to have them as separate units entirely, not even one on top of the other. Simple is best. So with that in mind if we do decide to purchase another unit it would just be the fridge.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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