All in good time

Most of us who shall I say are of the older generation if they are honest, that is true to themselves will admit to wondering sometimes where the time went when they look back on life. Time wouldn’t exist at all if it hadn’t been created. Before Time there was nothing. It is only in life that Time has meaning, without the passage of time it would be difficult to relate to others and even to ourselves, there would be no reference points. It would be impossible to think back! We wouldn’t have a past and we wouldn’t have a future in this life, just the immediate now. Life itself would be meaningless. We exist in Time therefore because we were not created meaninglessly. ‘ Cogito, ergo sum’ as  René Descartes wrote, and  Antoine Léonard Thomas, aptly captures Descartes’s intent: dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”. We obviously exist, of this there is no doubt. Time is hard to understand but as we live in it there is nothing we can do other than reflect on its passage. In life we learn, grow in knowledge and perhaps do great things in the time allocated to us yet at the end of life it is all futile, we don’t really benefit from it all and we leave no better off than when we started. Others may reap the benefits but they too suffer the same fate. We ask therefore what is the point of life other than to live it? Read here for an answer.( ) 

I remember lots of things from my past and when reflecting upon them wonder why I did this or that and ask myself why? Did I benefit? In the short-term the answer has to be yes for I must have been doing whatever it was for a purpose at that time. Later something else would be the focus of my attention and I would forget the former things or at least archive them in the depths of my mind. We are like clockwork toys acting out our lives in much the same way as our fellow beings, it is all for a purpose isn’t it? Well many live out their lives without asking the question. For them it is meaningless to seek something that is pointless in seeking. For others who seek they may think they’ve found the answer. For myself I think there is only one purpose in life and for it and that is to worship my Creator. Yes I am allowed to enjoy my existence, in fact whilst we are here in the flesh we should be enjoying life. In death there is no Time, Time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm. For us right now there is a time for everything under the heavens.( )

Shirley Anne