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Well not exactly so the guys reading this can stop getting excited. It was such a nice day on Thursday I made the attempt to work on the flag pole in the front garden. As you may know from previous posts the rope had severed leaving the flag on the ground and the rope itself inside the pole. This meant lifting off the top section of the pole in order to carry out repairs, that is cleaning the finial and inserting the replacement rope which can only be done when the pole is either on the ground or the scaffolding used to work on the pole was as high as the pole itself.


As you can see in the above picture I erected the scaffolding but only two of the three sections we have. This was for two reasons. First of all it would be less safe to erect the scaffolding higher because the ground beneath is uneven and difficult to work upon. Secondly it was just as easy to lift off the top section of the pole once the second section of scaffolding had been erected. In fact it was much easier than I remembered when I last erected the scaffolding around the pole. Maybe that was due to my taking a different approach the second time. Anyway I lowered the top section and took it into the rear garden to make use of the soft grass to work on it.

The finial I discovered hadn’t in fact seized as I first thought but it did need loosening. All I could do was wash it with warm soapy water because the moving parts are made of nylon. I washed the pole itself too before threading the rope inside ready for re-assembly. Replacing the top section was as simple as can be. The only possible snag would have been pulling out the rope from inside the pole into the small access key-locked covered panel located at chest level on the outside of the pole for raising and lowering the flag. I used a stiff piece of wire bent at the end to form a small hook with which to pull out the rope. It was then a simple matter of attaching the flag and the new weight. The flag and small weight are shown in the picture I took the day before.

The work took four hours but most of that time was taken up in assembling and dismantling the scaffold tower because of the uneven ground!

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