Wily old fox again

Wily old fox where are you now?
I’ve seen where you’ve been
And the mess on the green
That you’ve kindly left there for me to clean.

It was Sunday morning and I went for a walk. I had put on my coat for it didn’t seem that warm when I left the house. About half-way through I had to remove it and tie it around my waist I was so hot. Even down along the seafront it was warm but there was a slight breeze which made the humid air more comfortable to be in. I could hear the sound of voices in the distance toward the town centre as Saturday night revellers walked about in their drunken stupor. Noise travels far in the quiet hours. I keep well away from the town centre on certain days like Saturday and Sunday mornings for that reason. I remember once returning home after an early morning run to see a guy lying on his back in the middle of our street and fast asleep! Fortunately for him we live in a quiet street. Alcohol has that effect on people who drink too much of it and he was one of them. Usually when out walking I might come across a cat or two, a few rabbits and of course sea birds and water fowl. Once in a while I will see a fox who has usually seen me first and has dashed away to hide somewhere. We have lots of urban foxes though we are not that far from open countryside where there are probably more. Even down along the seafront among the sand dunes foxes can be seen occasionally but wily as foxes are sometimes they can be right under our noses and remain hidden. On my return home I wanted to water the garden but left it until it was daylight. As I looked upon the lawn I could see three little presents the fox had left for me to clean away. One or two very small holes had been left too! Now I have seen a fox on several occasions walking along the top of the boundary brick wall but never have I seen one actually in the garden. E tells me she has seen foxes on the wall too but normally in the evening when it is dark. As we don’t usually spend time out in the garden when it is dark we don’t get to see what goes on. Because the tail end of the garden belonging to the neighbour over the rear wall is in such disarray a family of foxes could be living there without their knowledge. I do hope not for as much as I like foxes I don’t want to be clearing up after them night after night or morning after morning.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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