Shanghai, a city in China was the place from which my order, a larder fridge was dispatched. It appears that the unit was manufactured there. The firm itself was founded by two men, Russel and Hobbs and it has its main office in the UK. ( ). As with many companies these days manufacturing of their goods is carried out in other countries where the cost for labour is much lower. People ask why things are no longer manufactured here but the answer is that in this country the labour costs are too high. Minimum wage legislation and the demand for better living conditions will naturally price us out of the manufacturing industry when manufacturers seek the best profit margins possible. In the end no doubt labour costs in these foreign places of manufacture will eventually creep higher too and manufacturing there will cease to be beneficial. Perhaps then manufacturing will return to the UK. However, that could take many years for there are always going to be places in the world playing catch-up. It all makes me wonder where our income is coming from, how as a country do we survive? In the meantime we have to rely on foreign manufacture being reliable. Many of them are just so and in some instances far better than things we once manufactured ourselves, cars, televisions and computers for example. If we are not careful we will lose the ability to manufacture anything! Skills and abilities are soon lost if there is no generation of interest. As for my fridge I did wonder why it was taking so long in being delivered and only discovered its source after implementing the tracking of it online. In fact several of my most recent purchases have been sent from abroad. The fridge itself looks well made but I wonder how reliable it will turn out to be. As an example and by comparison one of the three chest freezers we have is now over fifty years old and is still working fine. However I think it was manufactured in Italy as many refrigerating appliances were and still are but for how long? Will they be Shanghaied too?

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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