Midnight sailing

Again on Sunday……another early morning walk took me by the Marine Lake along The Promenade on my outward trek. It was an unusually warm morning considering it had until then been colder in the mornings in the previous week. I should have known from the forecast that we were in for a warm spell as the wind was now blowing from Spain and Portugal in the south. More northerly parts of the UK however would not be so fortunate for the wind would be blowing from the North Atlantic in the west. For such a small island the UK has some very diverse weather patterns at times. The temperature on the day would differ by 10 deg C between the north and the south of the country. It had been pretty much an uneventful walk until I reached the lake but as I reached it I saw that there were many small yachts sailing up and down the length of it in an orderly and clockwise direction. There must have been at least fifty of them and probably more. I then realised that it was the annual 24 hr ‘race’ being held there. I was surprised that they could even see where they were going but I suppose there was enough light from the perimeter street lighting. On the other side of the lake near the clubhouse they had floodlights operating so that part was well-illuminated. Soon I was beyond the lake activity and on toward the sea front to return home. The lake sits between The Promenade and the sea front. There is a car parking lot all along the sea front at the rear of the lake and it was very much filled with vehicles. It appears that many folk like staying out all night to watch the sailing event. Personally I can’t understand why anyone wants to sail around a lake all night and day. Each to their own I guess. At least they weren’t getting drunk in the bars and clubs and making a nuisance of themselves as some do on a Saturday night. By the time I had reached home the wind had picked up a bit but was still only a breeze. Breeze or not it must have been strong enough to go sailing under.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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