Time of year

Do you find your interests and habits change from season to season? Wanting to remain outdoors in the Summer when it is warm and sunny might be an obvious desire as many would want to remain indoors sat beside a roaring fire in Winter when it is cold and windy. There must be smaller things we find ourselves doing more as each season arrives. Hot roasted dinners and cold salads at opposite ends of the dining spectrum will probably be our choices in cold and warm weather. We associate hot meals with cold weather and snacks and cold dishes when it is warm. Perhaps the thought of eating a roast dinner in the height of summer is off-putting because we probably feel we would be uncomfortably hot doing so. I notice I tend to bake more often when the weather is cool or cold. I tend to eat more salads in Summer and hot foods in Winter but in truth I don’t suppose it would make much difference if I reversed the habit. I suppose it is therefore more comforting to retain my existing eating habits so I continue with them. It is now the end of September and my thoughts are turning to baking the cakes and other things I stopped doing at the end of Spring. It was in Spring that I purchased some more desiccated coconut to use in a cake but I didn’t use it because I didn’t bake the cake. Now my thoughts have come full-circle and I want to bake it. I do eat cake during the summer though not often but if I do it is usually purchased in a café or restaurant. I enjoy baking, for me it isn’t a chore and I get to eat the results! What things do you find yourself doing each new season?

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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