Now you will be wondering what ‘3811’ means. It is the number of this post. That is the 3811 th post I have written and published on this site; at this moment there are more, about 22 more which are scheduled for publication too. When I look back at some of my posts and read them (yes I do that sometimes) I remember them as if they had just been written. I seem to have the ability to remember the written word if it is something of interest to me. Obviously my posts fall into that category but many other publications do also. I also tend to remember words spoken to me many years ago and who spoke them though I probably won’t remember their names. How peculiar is that? Even more strange is that I have a tendency to forget recent events in my life. It’s got to be the way I am ‘wired’ as they say. I don’t remember everything but only those things which were or are of interest or relevance to me. I especially remember kind words spoken to me and hostile words too. Words spoken ambiguously stick with me too, ‘Did they mean this or did they mean that?’. Were they spoken to confuse me or misguide me? Were they complimentary or were they veiled insults? Sometimes I can never be certain one way or the other when I’ve not had the opportunity of conversing with the person who spoke them. Words spoken can be a dagger to the heart or an uplifting support. I hope the words written here in my posts offer no insulting remarks to anyone. If they do then I apologise profoundly. I have to write what I feel in my own heart, what I have experienced in my life but nothing I write is false or intended to mislead.

Once upon a time in a land far away sat a little old lady writing words to help fill your day…………..

Shirley Anne


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Happy to be alive because of Jesus