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This post is being written using the new editor on WordPress. It is the trial version and I am trying my best to get used to it. Like any new thing we come across in our lives it takes time to become familiar with them. Already as I write or should I say type the words, mistakes I am making are immediately highlighted whereas before I would have had to run the spell-checker. Any progress through change though isn’t always appreciated for many of us who prefer the status quo. Change for the sake of it isn’t always best. I have found in my life that some things change for the good and some for the not so good. Each generation comes up with new ideas and soon they are implemented whether we like them or not. We have no real say in what goes on in many developments, they simply happen without our knowledge. When we enter a new environment or situation we accept it they way it is because we don’t know what conditions were like beforehand whether they were better or worse. So far all I am doing on this post is ordinary typing and I have not yet explored any new facilities or methods of input and manipulation. To be honest I didn’t use most of the facilities offered with the old editor, they weren’t necessary for my requirements. This new platform will probably receive the same treatment. It isn’t that I don’t want to use anything new or take advantage of the things available it’s just that I probably won’t need them. One thing I have noticed is the lack of a word count recorder. It may be that I just haven’t gotten used to things but I would like to know how many words I am putting in my posts. The reason for that is I want to keep my posts relatively short. I have noticed the category list is jumbled making location difficult and the tag list has disappeared altogether. These problems need sorting out else the new editor will remain difficult to use, though perhaps it is me who needs sorting out!

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