Load of cobbles

No not cobblers! The cobble stones I had ordered for constructing the lawn feature arrived on Wednesday afternoon as arranged so that when I am ready the work can begin.

The cobbles measure roughly 100 x 100 mm and have varying thicknesses though they are supposed to be a minimum of 50 mm which they are. As the company are reasonably local delivery times are reliable not as the situation with my other order regarding the larder fridge. I hadn’t realised when ordering the fridge that is was coming from China (see previous posts). As I write this on 13 th September it is 16 days since I placed the order. Tracking indicates that it arrived on Tuesday 11 th and has cleared customs and also states that it has been delivered! Well they might mean that it was delivered to the pickup point but it certainly hasn’t been delivered here! Amazon, through whom the order was placed assume I have it but the company from which my order is processed and who will deliver it have yet to do so. If I don’t hear from them today I will be contacting them for the second time. Something tells me that there has been a cock-up, I wonder why? Having realised that the fridge was coming from China and would take a week or more to reach this country (it actually took thirteen days) I was relaxed about it but I wonder why it has taken thus far a further three days for it to cross this small country to get here if indeed it gets here today! What can I say?

Shirley Anne