Joking apart

So I was at the pub one day for the first time in ages when a group of friends asked where I had been during the previous few months. I have to say at this point that I no longer visit the pub on a regular basis and haven’t done for a couple of years. I had given up drinking alcohol and the attraction from then on was lost. I do go there occasionally for a meal, usually during the day and almost never in the evening. In fact I hardly go anywhere in the evenings now. On arriving there one late afternoon I was invited over to sit with the friends who had asked the question. ‘Haven’t seen you for ages, where have you been?’ they asked. ‘Oh’, I said in reply, ‘they don’t let me out after six o’clock’ I continued. Laughter all round then I told them the real reason, I had lost all interest in spending too much of my time sitting drinking. I didn’t mention that I enjoy socialising with people for fear of being tempted to visit more often but they already know that I like socialising. What fun is there in sitting drinking soft drinks whilst watching other people slowly getting drunk? I am what you might call quick-witted in that I am quick in responding to things people say to me with quips that make them laugh. I am a joker if you like. People can be so serious it spoils their character. Others may not be serious enough when it matters most. You’ve got to laugh at life and the odd situations we find ourselves in. Miserable people can bring you down. It is best to be ‘middle of the road’ but be careful you don’t get run over! So I like to joke about things and see the lighter side of life. It is a well-proven fact that stress shortens one’s life and causes all sorts of ailments. Stress increases hormone levels and too much production of certain hormones has harmful effects. ‘Chill out’ as some say, ‘Take it easy’, ‘Stop worrying’ and ‘Have a break’ we all know but do we take notice? We would be wise to do so. I once knew a guy who laughed constantly, always telling jokes and smiling; he looked far younger than his years. I am told I look far younger than I am and I wonder why? It isn’t all about joking of course but a little fun didn’t do anyone any harm. 

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

Happy to be alive because of Jesus