Here I go again

It was stop and go day on Saturday (15 th) as I thought about beginning work on the lawn project. I had been for a walk earlier hoping to miss the predicted rain and was fortunate in succeeding by arriving back home just before it began to fall. It was supposed to be light rain lasting for an hour or so. At first it was light and that gave me the opportunity to dig out the remainder of the potato crop we had begun to harvest a week earlier. It was then that it began to rain heavily. When it ceased raining I planned to put on my overalls and begin working on the lawn but I had to wait an hour or more before that could happen. This is how far I got…

I spent less than two hours working as I didn’t want to work too long that day. I cut the grass with the spade each side of the cobbles before removing them to the grass in the middle of the plot. I cut the grass to a depth of a few centimetres and took it over to the bag into which I was going to put the soil. I sat down alongside the wheelbarrow and removed the soil from the grass sods throwing the grass into the wheelie bin. I repeated the operation until all the grass was removed and then dug out the soil putting that in the bag with the soil from the grass sods. It was the same bag I had emptied of sand a day earlier. Despite the bags being large it will take two of them and perhaps three to take all the soil that will be removed during the work. Later I filled the bottom of the trench I had dug with some hardcore which can just be seen on the right side in the picture. Hopefully I would be able to finish digging the trench all the way round on Monday and Tuesday. That would mark the completion of the first stage.

Shirley Anne