More time

Given a three-day break from my project because of foul weather I had more time for other things. Aside from working on some project at home being it large or very small I do little else apart from playing my guitar or exercising in some way. There are other things I like to do but it isn’t always possible to enjoy them. One thing I do like is cooking meals and baking cakes or other baked comestibles. We were truly having some bad weather during the last days of summer with high winds and plenty of rain. On days such as these it can be frustrating having to stay indoors for long periods without something to occupy. I prefer the outdoors but I cannot remain outside too long with nothing to do either. Walks are good but they don’t last all day and every day but I try to make them last as long as possible. It was Friday 21 st near the end of the season and Autumn was upon us. I like Autumn but not so much the foul weather that often accompanies it. I was up early as usual and wanted to do some baking. Our two fruit-producing apple trees have supplied us with lots of apples this year and of a decent size. Up until now the fruit has been on the small size but the trees have finally matured and the apples are larger. They are eating apples as opposed to baking apples though they are still a little on the acidic side. This means they can be baked without them falling apart. Eating apples are not suitable for baking as a rule so we are fortunate at least this year to be able to use them for baking. I baked a single apple pie and with the left-over pastry a small apple-filled pasty.

Before I could make the pie I had to make some short-crust pastry. Now it might seem strange but until that day I had never made short-crust pastry in my life. I have often made crumble but never took that extra step to convert it to pastry. All that is needed is some water sprinkled in slowly a little at a time whilst mixing followed by a little kneading and rolling out with a roller and the crumble is transformed into pastry! An hour or so later and the pie and pasty were done. Although they look a little pale in the picture due to the flash photography they were pale brown in colour. They did taste nice I have to say and made a change from rock cakes, sponges and scones!

Shirley Anne