The moment we enter this world we are dependent on others for our survival. No new-born baby is instantaneously independent, that only comes with time. Babies are reliant on their mothers for their needs no matter what those needs are. As children we always look to mom or dad for direction and support whilst gradually increasing our dependency on others until we finally become independent adults. However it doesn’t stop there. We still have to rely on others whether we think we don’t or not. All our needs are provided through the activity of others, our food, clothing, shelter and our work. Even our leisure activities involve others at some point whether directly or indirectly. This is how a society operates, everyone must pull together for it to work. In an ever-increasingly automotive society we may feel there is too much pressure to fall in line, follow suit and just go with the flow. This is especially true in our electronic age where every gadget we use is becoming more and more a necessity rather than a novelty. We’ve moved on somewhat from cooking over an open fire. First it was the oven, then the microwave variety of it. Now even the microwave oven is being subjected to so-called improvement in the way it is used. Electrical devices require switches of one sort or another for them to work, thermostatic switching and timers for operational control but now are being developed to respond to our voice. It would appear our lives in this modern technologically advanced society are becoming more reliant on voice-operated computer-driven devices. They are all around us and have become or are becoming essential for our survival in our society. We are a long way off total dependency on the many diverse gadgets in circulation but give it a few more generations and things may be different. Have we gone too far already that we now cannot stem the tide or are we not bothered by it all? Some people I speak to can’t see a problem but perhaps they can’t see far enough into the future or don’t want to think about the consequences of what lies ahead.

 An amusing advertisement currently being broadcast on television shows a guy on a train who notices that everyone around him has their eyes fixed on a small screen device, their mobile phone. He looks around to see if there is anyone not doing so and thinks he sees an old lady who isn’t so he goes to sit next to her presumably for conversation. However she pulls out her device as he sits down. He goes through the carriage to see all of the passengers using their phones. He shouts ‘What is wrong with you people?’ then realises they are making the most of the mobile phone operator’s ‘amazing’ offers! It may be an amusing advertisement (I think all adverts are amusing because I don’t take any of them seriously) but it proves a point…. people tend to follow like sheep.  trouble with sheep is they can fall into a gully quite easily.

Shirley Anne


Author: Shirley Anne

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